Meet Zack Snider, a young farmer who raises pigs, turkeys, corn and soybeans with his family in West Michigan. He talks with us about:

  • The most surprising thing about him (spoiler: it’s not far from having a seasonal werewolf running around the house)
  • The difference between male and female turkeys
  • A skill he has had since perhaps before he could walk
  • A remodel project he’s working on
  • Neat technology he and his dad work with to do the best job they can
  • Barns with names…that are relevant for a very important reason!
  • Sounds his son makes and other fun things Sawyer is learning
  • Setting the record straight about family business in animal agriculture
  • Three people he might invite to [Thanksgiving] dinner
  • Family holiday traditions
  • Things he’s most thankful for in this life

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